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Powerful Statistics & Verbatim Responses


Time and again we receive feedback from clients expressing their appreciation for a user-friendly reporting package that pinpoints areas for action. ExitCheck’s reporting packages include both statistical representations of data, and detailed verbatim comments that provide context and color.

Spend less time interviewing and compiling Exit Interview data, and more time implementing solutions to the concerns pinpointed in the detailed reports!

ExitCheck’s Executive Reporting Package includes the following insightful reports:

  Executive Summary – The “Quick Gauge”
The "quick gauge" report highlights the areas of inquiry that revealed both corporate strength and areas for potential investment.
  Reason for Leaving Report – The “Why”
The Reason for Leaving Report provides a statistical representation of why employees are leaving the organization. Verbatim comments are categorized under each reason for leaving.
  Statistical Summary Report – The Raw Data
The Statistical Summary Report displays the question-by-question statistical results.
  Detailed Report – Compilation of Verbatim Responses and Statistics
The Detailed Report provides an in-depth look at the quantitative results and verbatim responses from all participants for each of the interview questions.
  Demographics Report – Who Participated
The Demographics Report provides clients with a breakdown of the participation rates for each demographic group that participated in the process.


Demographic Breakdown Reporting

In tandem with our standard reporting package, our proprietary technology alerts us to trends uncovered during the exit interview cycle, allowing our clients to request additional Demographic Breakdown Reports. ExitCheck clients have the ability to explore enterprise-wide results to identify the demographic areas in which further analysis is required. We can generate custom reporting packages using any provided demographic variable. These often include region, department, location, position level (manager vs. non-manager), supervisor, and length of service.


ExitCheck's Analytic Reporting

In addition to our executive reporting package, our reporting engine allows us to correlate results across time periods and demographics. A description of ExitCheck’s Analytics Reports is included below:

  Trend Report:
ExitCheck’s Trend Report compares Exit Interview results question-by-question and quarter-by-quarter. This custom reporting tool allows clients to evaluate and compare progress over designated time periods.
  Comparative Analysis Report:
The Comparative Analysis Report compares the question-by-question results of any demographic grouping. Using this report, organizations have the ability to evaluate the statistical data from within a single demographic group.
  Correlation Report:
The Correlation Report is a product that is unique to Checkwell’s Continuous Employee Feedback program. Clients are able to compare data across multiple Engagement & Retention services. Click here to find out more about feedback across the employment lifecycle.