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A common sense and cost effective way to hear from your employees and refine your HR programs with the goal of improving performance, retention and employee morale. Learn more.

ExitCheck has taken the time and invested resources to hire and train professional interviewers who use our world- class technologies to deliver timely, accurate information. Learn more.

Exit Interviews
Useful Information Gathered by Phone or Online


of employees felt that the company did not meet their expectations.

Exit Interviews capture structured feedback from former employees and identify their primary reasons for leaving, as well as what they liked and didn’t like about your company.
Detailed reports will assist you in minimizing attrition by highlighting the main concerns employees share regarding your organization’s:

  • Culture
  • Management,
  • Compensation,
  • Recognition,
  • Working conditions.

Why partner with ExitCheck?
ExitCheck’s Exit Interview service saves your organization the time consuming and often costly process of scheduling, interviewing, and compiling data. As a third-party provider, ExitCheck provides the expertise to maximize participation and increase the level of detail in each report.  Read more about Outsourcing Exit Interviews.

Each Exit Interview delivers both Statistical Summaries and Verbatim comments for each question, allowing for maximum usefulness of each report.

Hot New Trend! – Many companies are seeking interviews from transferring employees as a way to gather information more frequently.  

ExitCheck employs a team of implementation specialists trained to help integrate an exit interview program into your organization. Read more about our Custom Implementation.



Exit Interviews are best conducted via telephone to ensure the capture of accurate statistical responses, and detailed verbatim comments.
  • A telephone interview with an HR professional eliminates ambiguity in results.
  • Clarification can be requested and provided instantly.
  • ExitCheck interviewers are extensively trained to elicit more candid feedback than what employees may be willing to provide to you directly.

Online, web-based options are also available to employees that prefer to complete a web interview, or as a lower cost option to your company. ExitCheck’s online survey tool is user friendly, and enables the capture of both statistical and verbatim responses for each of the survey questions.

ExitCheck can design custom Exit Interview programs utilizing both telephone and email contact methods to maximize participation.


Question Design

ExitCheck’s implementation team consults with client organizations to develop questionnaires that will effectively capture employee feedback. ExitCheck’s standard template has been thoroughly researched, and categorizes employee feedback into the key drivers of engagement and retention including:
  • Company & Culture
  • Management
  • Position
  • Recognition & Growth
  • Working Conditions
  • Compensation
  • Ethics & Honesty

Clients are provided with the option to customize the standard template, or develop a custom template based on their desired areas of inquiry.

ExitCheck recommends that question templates from previous survey initiatives be given careful consideration to ensure that future data collected can be compared to historical data.


Reporting Styles

ExitCheck clients choose between two different reporting style methods: anonymous or confidential.

The anonymous interviewing style ensures that any identifying information is not attached to an employee’s responses. Employee responses are compiled into an aggregate reporting package produced each quarter.

The confidential interviewing style allows clients to access individual employee interviews in real time, as well as quarterly aggregate reporting packages. Employees are informed that their names will be attached to their Exit Interview Report, and are informed of who within the organization will have access to it.

Visit our reports page to learn more about ExitCheck's Reporting Package.


Communication Tools

ExitCheck provides guidance to clients when developing the communication program needed to successfully endorse and support the Exit Interview initiative. We recommend clients make every effort to inform departing employees of their Exit Interview partnership. Our implementation team can work with your organization to develop a form to give to your departing employees. This form is produced with each client’s unique culture, sensitivities and business strategy in mind. It can be co-branded with your organization’s logo, and customized to capture up-to-date contact information from each employee.