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A common sense and cost effective way to hear from your employees and refine your HR programs with the goal of improving performance, retention and employee morale. Learn more.

ExitCheck has taken the time and invested resources to hire and train professional interviewers who use our world- class technologies to deliver timely, accurate information. Learn more.

Custom Implementation
We Make It Simple and You Will Be Fully Supported


of past employees felt there was something the company could have done to keep them.

ExitCheck adopts a custom approach to implementing Exit Interview initiatives that will effectively capture employee feedback from your departing employees. Implementation benefits include:

End User Training

Once your account has been setup, our Implementation Coordinators will provide system and process training to all end-users via telephone and web demonstration. As part of our ongoing client care promise, clients are able to speak with a representative for assistance in ordering services, accessing individual files, and downloading aggregate reports through extended operating hours.
  • Dedicated Support Team
    The ExitCheck Team will provide top-notch client care and account management. In addition to the Senior Account Executive dedicated to each account, clients work closely with an Implementation and Account Coordinator. These individuals ensure ongoing client care for the duration of the business relationship. ExitCheck also provides full customer support during extended business hours through our call centers located in Canada and the United Kingdom.


Customized Processes & Media

ExitCheck’s solutions will be customized to ensure that they mesh with your organization’s culture. Custom online request forms and communication tools are developed in conjunction with your preferences. In addition, our consultative implementation process includes the customization of ExitCheck’s “Notice to Departing Employee” form with your corporate branding.
  • Industry Experience (size and scope of various industries)
    As an industry leader, ExitCheck has extensive experience developing and implementing Exit Interview programs for clients of various sizes, across dozens of industries. We are well positioned to offer your organization superior service at a very competitive price. Our clients will attest to our ability to consistently deliver results in a prompt and professional manner.

  • Graduated Production
    ExitCheck ensures excellence and consistency in service by fostering a team approach and a strong sense of ownership for each account. As your organization begins implementing services, ExitCheck’s Implementation Team will monitor multiple aspects of the account to ensure that the highest level of service is delivered. As client management transitions to the operations team, our proprietary workflow management system will track your organization’s preferences and requirements to ensure that all departments are up-to-speed with updates and important news pertaining to each account.