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Welcome to ExitCheck, part of Checkwell’s Employee Engagement & Retention Solutions. ExitCheck delivers detailed exit interview information in easy to read reports. All data is stored securely and all of our interviewers are professional and highly experienced. Choose ExitCheck for high quality, useful information that will help you reduce employee turnover and improve employee satisfaction.

ExitCheck’s exit interviews gather detailed feedback to identify an employee’s key reasons for leaving the job. Analyzing exit interview data can assist in reducing recruitment cost, turnover percentage and the loss of expertise.
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Exit Interview Reports
Our multi-layer reporting methodology delivers comprehensive exit analysis reports that are easy to use. Clients can quickly utilize the statistical and verbatim data provided on exit interview reports to prevent future turnover of employees.
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World Class HR Interviewers
Our HR professionals conduct thousands of detailed telephone exit interviews and online exit interview surveys every year. Our 3rd party interviewers are extensively trained to make employees feel comfortable and respected throughout the process, resulting in more detailed, candid feedback. Learn more...
Post-exit interviews allow organizations to follow-up with former top performers to discover what it might take to bring them back.  A post-exit interview survey can assist in the development of an employee retention strategy.
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Why Conduct
Exit Interviews?
Exiting employees are an excellent resource in determining the areas of strength and weakness within your organization. Employee feedback can assist in determining an employee’s reasons for leaving a job and help reduce the costs of employee turnover. Learn More...
Data Security
An industry leading technical infrastructure ensures your results are stored and delivered securely.
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