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Why Conduct Exit Interviews?
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ExitCheck has taken the time and invested resources to hire and train professional interviewers who use our world- class technologies to deliver timely, accurate information. Learn more.



VCA Animal Hospitals
“The level of service we’ve received from the ExitCheck team has always been prompt, courteous and—most importantly—thorough. The data they provide generally confirms what we feel is happening in our organization, and having it all in one place helps us to more easily develop effective, actionable strategies to increase employee retention and job satisfaction. Plus, the ExitCheck service saves us a lot of time and energy by capturing the data for us. We love the clear and concise format of the quarterly reports and, particularly, the color-coded “Quick Gauge” that highlights any areas of caution or concern.

Not every organization can handle the truth, but for those that can, having the ability to see yourself as your employees do is the prerequisite for enacting any positive change.”  

Jeff Sonnenberg
Recruiting Specialist


"Since 2006, the ExitCheck solution has significantly enhanced our employee engagement and retention efforts at TELUS. The ExitCheck solution provides accurate and insightful intelligence with respect to why some employees have chosen to move to different opportunities.  This enables us to focus our people strategies and programs to improve morale and retention both of which are becoming critically important given the ever tightening labour market.”

Josh Blair
Executive Vice President,
Human Resources


"After re-evaluating internal processes of conducting reference checks, Purolator looked externally for a more effective alternative. Since beginning two years ago with ExitCheck and BackCheck we have been extremely happy and use the services throughout Canada. The thoroughness of the interviews, verbatim content capture along with easy to use reports have helped us improve decision making and focus attention on key areas for improvement. Based on this success Purolator is now using the MoraleCheck FocusGroup service to gain more frequent feedback from employees - a great tool that supports our employee engagement strategy.”

Doug Kube
Human Resources   


“Checkwell's Employee Engagement & Retention Solutions have been greatly beneficial to Versacold. Through each stage of the employment life cycle, we count on Checkwell to assist in the reduction of turnover costs and provide insightful data regarding our most important resource, our people. ConcernCheck and ExitCheck each impart constructive information to our management team; however, the true value lies in Checkwell’s ability to compare and illustrate data through their comprehensive reporting package. When we receive our quarterly report, we are able to quickly identify areas of concern, read word-for-word responses, and take remedial action. Checkwell’s Employee Engagement & Retention Solutions truly help us ‘know our people."

Sandra McMillan
Global Organizational Development